Millennials Are Sold on Fast Food with Fresh Design: Fast Food Chains Ketchup to Modern Preferences

How often do you go into a McDonald’s or a Burger King, and are compelled to stay after ordering your food? Do you ever light up when the cashier asks “Will you be dining in?” Typically the only time we actually walk into a fast food restaurant is to run to the bathroom, to soak up some free wifi, or because the drive through line is wrapped around the building. It’s not everyday you see a group of 20-30 somethings studying for an exam or spilling their daily tea inside of a Taco Bell.

As of late we have seen some pretty bomb changes in the way fast food is doing fast food. Our favorite chains have been stepping their game up with fresh new building designs to appeal to millennials and create a better fast food experience. Millennials love an ambiance that complements their style and attitude, and best believe experience matters when making purchasing decisions.

The consumer experience is such a big deal, that it’s actually its own subset of marketing known as experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is defined as:

“…a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand.”–

Experiential marketing is important as it helps leave lasting impressions on consumers, that guide them when making purchasing decisions. The better the customer experience, the better chance of their returned business with the brand.

Taco Bell had been one of the pioneer brands when it comes to creating unique fast food dining experiences for its customers. Taco Bell has come up with four new designs for its restaurants, each catering to a specific community. For example, they have a design concept inspired by Mexican heritage as well as a concept that reflects a more urban style!

“From the open kitchen that showcases our freshly prepared foods to the community tables designed for friends to hang out, each of these formats fosters a modern, unique experience. ” – CMO of Taco Bell Inc.

Image result for new taco bell design

Research is showing us that 78% of Millennials engage more with brands that they have face-to-face interactions with. In turn, it is important that those interactions are enjoyable and impressionable…for good reasons of course.

Research is also telling us that design is high priority for Millennials. We can grab a decent tasting burger from anywhere. For Millennials, it comes down to how attractive your brand is, and its commitment to innovation and evolution. Fast food chains are starting to catch on to the fact that experience plays a key part in where people decide to spend their time and money.

Design really helps with your positioning and helps you appeal to guests who might not consider you otherwise.” -CDO of Arby’s
Fast food chains are looking to reconnect with Millennials who grew up with their brands. Those customers who used to walk in holding their parents hands, are now the ones holding the cash and the power. The gag is, we no longer view ‘fast food’, in the same light as we did when we were kids. It is up to brands to revamp themselves and keep up with the evolving trends that catch the eyes of Millennials.


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