Facebook ‘Amps’ Up Videos With It’s Latest Updates

Our dear friends over at Facebook looked out this Valentine’s Day by gifting us some pretty sweet/or bitter…depending on who’s doing the tasting, updates to the videos on our Facebook feeds. The goal was to make watching video on Facebook a richer, more engaging and more flexible experience for viewers. Here are a couple to be on the watch for.


Killing the Silence


If you’re the type to sneak and check your Facebook feed during lecture, or while you’re hid away behind your cubicle, take precaution with this one. Facebook has announced that it plans to make all videos on our feeds play with sound by default. Now, you can avoid any mishaps during class by changing this option in your settings, but the default will no longer allow us to read video captions and chuckle to ourselves in silence. That cute baby dancing to ‘24K Magic’ might just have to wait until your lunch break. However, Facebook found that users actually enjoy this feature; making engaging with content a more seamless experience.




    I would say the sweetest treat Facebook gave us this Valentine’s Day was the ability to watch videos while scrolling through the rest of our Facebook feed! I’d say this is a major win for us social media multi-taskers out there. You can minimize your video to a small screen in the corner of your device, while continuing to catch up with family and send late birthday shout outs to old friends. To sweeten the deal even more, Facebook allows you to exit the app and use other functions of your phone as well while watching videos.


So if you spent this past Valentine’s Day without a loyal bae to treat you, then head over to the convenience store for some 75% of chocolates, hop on Facebook and enjoy these awesome new updates.


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