Doing Nostalgia Right by Bridging the ‘Generation Gap’

They say all good trends have their way of coming back in style; high waisted jeans, denim jackets, and let’s not forget about chokers. Gap showcases the best of the 90’s in it’s archival re-issue collection, ‘Generation Gap’. This limited time collection includes staple fashion pieces released in the 90’s, giving twenty-to-thirty somethings the opportunity to rock the timeless trends their parents wore ‘back in the day’. Nostalgia is a growing marketing tactic as statistics show millennials tend to engage with fond memories of positive, culturally relevant moments in history. Gap kills it with this campaign, taking nostalgic vibes to a whole new level.

If you can’t already see how the iconic brand is using a clever play on words with the title of this collection, take a closer look at the models in the photo! Gap launched a short film along with its latest collection, featuring the talented ‘youngins’ of icons who were featured in Gap ads during the 90’s. Familiar faces include Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross, as well as DJ TJ Mizell son of Jam Master Jay. The short film also features icon Naomi Campbell, wearing an outfit similar to the one she rocked for the brand in a 1992 fashion shoot.

Here, check it out:

Nostalgic to the core, right!? Not only did Gap feature 90’s inspired clothing, but they used these pieces to deck out millennials whose parents used to stunt in them! Not only does this campaign appeal to the millennials who recognize the current models, but also to the parents who recognize their (the model’s) parents. Even the acoustic the models are harmonizing to is straight out of ‘91, “All 4 Love”, by Color Me Badd.

Gap did an amazing job at spreading the word about this campaign by tweeting :30 video clips, GIFs, and photos from the video shoot; as well as coining the hashtag #TheArchiveReissue. Gap also launched its commercial ad during the 2017 Grammy’s.

They  use awesome memories or highlights from previous decades, generates energy towards modern adaptations or recreations of the past. Nostalgia is important because it creates an emotional bond with consumers and potential users that brings them closer to a brand. Here, Gap utilizes nostalgia to play on the brilliance that was music, entertainment, and fashion during the 90’s. They add that modern appeal by featuring stars that millennials can relate to currently, yet still have a tie to the past through their bloodlines!

The line is set to hit select stores on February 3rd, 2017.



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