What is VARNacular?


(verb): Deconstructing the preconceived notions of life.

I have a genuine love for highlighting life’s hidden delights. We tend to get caught up in leading the life we are ‘supposed’ to lead with little appreciation for the small wins collected along the journey. That is exactly what I want to capture and archive here, the little things that make my life extraordinary.
The term vernacular is defined as ‘the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a region.’ I have a hard time believing most of us fit into the category of ‘ordinary’. Although we may communicate in a standardized fashion, all of our thoughts and personalities are unique and extraordinary. So if you are reading this, I hereby dub you an extraordinaire!

In my experience, my vernacular can be misunderstood by others in times where ordinary just won’t cut it. Therefore I coin my way of communicating as VARNacular. I want to document my journey of being able to own and capitalize on what makes me extraordinary.
While here, I challenge you to think about what makes you extraordinary as well. I want to be able to redirect the idea of normal or ordinary, to be ambiguous, and dependent upon the individual in reference. Life is about variability and diversity of thought, and that should be celebrated!



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