Staying Productive During Winter Break

My first semester of grad school has me beat! All I want to do for the next month is lay around, watch Netflix, and gain a pound or two from Starbucks and junk food…BUT lets be real here…the grind resumes after New Years and you never want to get back in the game unprepared. So here are a few things to do to stay productive during winter break!

1. Wake Up At a Decent Time

I luckily live on my own during school breaks so I don’t have to endure the passive aggressive hints from mom to get up and shower before noon. But, I do make an effort to get up early on my own anyway.My internal clock wont let me sleep past 10am but if your snores drown out your internal clock, set an alarm you can depend on!

Incentive: If you keep up a realistic schedule,waking up early will hurt a lot less when school starts back. Reward yourself for waking up before noon with a bomb breakfast or Starbucks!

2. Start Your Ideal Routine

Its hard to get the perfect routine down when you have to worry about finals, so now that they’re over, start now! They say it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, what better time than now when you have a third the number of daily commitments.

3.Get A Head Start On Your Resolutions- Make a Vision Board!!!

Idc, idc, I think vision boards are cool! This will be top on my list this winter break. Make it cute, funny, serious…whatever your vibe is, channel it into a vision board! This way you can hold yourself accountable year round for making your vision into a reality.

Pinterest and YouTube are great sources for inspiration. Instagram may also be a good source. Then head over to Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby (or maybe Target and Wal-Mart) for supplies and get started!

I will make a post about my own when I finish. Add a picture in the comments if you make one of your own.

4. Reflect on Your Accomplishments

You did it! You survived another year of ups and downs, you deserve to relish in the ups. Write a letter to yourself reflecting on all of the great things you achieved this past year. Did you save enough to buy that new designer bag you’ve been eying? Are you on the right track to meeting your fitness goals? Are you proud of your grades? Whatever it is, congratulate yourself.

We tend to receive so much negative feedback we forget to stop and brag on ourselves about our accomplishments. Seal it up and open it the next time you are feeling especially critical of yourself as a reminder of  your potential.


Seriously! Hop on LinkedIn, go to your schools Alumni web page, meet mom and dad’s coworkers, talk to professors, reach out to old friends…just network! You would be surprised at the advice and connections people have to offer a young budding professional. You may even meet your next mentor! Look for people who have positions that interest you or even work in an industry or for a company that you are considering. Even if you stumble upon someone who’s professional experience doesn’t align with your interest, everyone has a nugget of advice to spare you, and a network of their own they could tap into.

Winter break is the best time to network because you have more time to search and commit to meeting new people. Invite a professional to coffee or lunch, ask if they have 10 minutes to hold a convo over the phone or even if they could Skype you in during their down time. You could even make time for an on-site meeting, giving you an opportunity to tour a facility and meet others in the company. The possibilities are endless! Just reach out and you’d be surprised what you can learn.



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